Foreign Liquor License Is Maharashtra

Foreign liquor license in maharashtra

          Maharashtra is the only Indian state that still requires people to get a permit if they want to possess, consume, or transport alcoholic beverages. This permit allows you to keep up to 12 units of alcohol and consume them in a private location.we look at the procedure for obtaining the Maharashtra Foreign liquor license in detail.

Need for the License

        you must get a license if you want to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to people who have a permit, including at private parties. To get an alcohol permit in Maharashtra, you must be at least 25 years old (21 for a limited permit that only allows the consumption of beer and wine).

Types of foreign liquor

 Two Types Of  Foreign Liquor Are Available In The  Marashtra:

1)Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL): This kind of liquor refers to the Hard Liquor manufactured within India.

2)Imported Foreign Liquor (IFL): This kind of liquor manufactures outside India and later imported to India. These liquors are usually expensive than IMFL.